Day 83, Year 9: Car Shopping, Weather, and Good News
Date: Saturday, January 11, 2014
Weather: Overcast, VERY Windy with Rain Late; High Temp in the 50’s F
Location: Brewer Fiddler’s Cove Marina, North Falmouth, Massachusetts

Heather and Jed have a van and we co-own the 1999 Ford Taurus that we drive. And the Taurus is on its last leg. It is due for inspection and will probably not pass because the ‘check engine’ won’t go off because of a problem with the catalytic converter. So one van and one old car between all of us is just not quite enough. So today Heather, Mark, Sam, and I went car shopping. We decided ahead of time that a Honda Civic or Honda Civic Hybrid was the car we wanted, so it was a one-stop shop at Hyannis Honda. We put a hold on a 2011 Civic with 55,000 miles. It was more expensive than our $10,000 limit, but it is newer and with less miles than we had hoped. We have a couple of days to think about it, but will probably buy this one. When I take the Taurus in for inspection the end of January, we’ll know whether we can continue to use it beyond the end of March or whether we might have to purchase another vehicle, but with the new purchase we’ll be fine until then.

The weather this winter is certainly keeping us entertained. We go from 50 mile per hour winds and snow to temperatures near zero to temps in the 50’s and then 50 mile per hour winds with rain. I guess the best word to describe it is EXTREME. Tonight we were hit with 50 mile per hour winds and driving rain. It has stopped now and actually feels calm. Today it was almost 60 degrees F and it felt warm even with the heavy winds. The forecast is for a few more days with temps in the 40’s, so at least we are being spared the deep freeze for a bit. We are thankful for that, but even more thankful for the really good news today about my sister Patsy in North Carolina. She has been in the hospital since Wednesday with a bowel blockage. They have been draining it, and today the x-rays showed that things are clearing up. This is WONDERFUL news, indeed. She hasn’t eaten since Tuesday evening but she has been getting the essentials via IV. The hope is that she can start on a liquid diet soon and then move on to solids. So she will be in the hospital a few more days, but she is feeling good and her spirits are high. Patsy and Joe, we are thinking of you constantly and sending you our love and our most positive energy.