Day 8, Year 9: Baseball and a Dozen Yellow Roses
Date: Monday, October 28, 2013
Weather: Same, Same—Sunny, Seasonably Chilly, High 50’s F, Low 30’s F
Location: Brewer Fiddler’s Cove Marina, North Falmouth, Massachusetts

Mark still knows the way to this woman’s heart . . a dozen yellow roses. When I first met Mark, he sent me a dozen yellow roses. I still have those dried rose petals, along with all the other dried petals of any other roses he has ever given to me. Today while Mark and I were in Heather and Jed’s backyard playing World Series baseball with Jonah and Ollie, a dozen yellow roses were delivered. Jonah thought they were beautiful, but he wanted to know why the roses had no ‘prickers.’ I don’t know if they remove them or if they grow roses without thorns, but whichever, these roses had no ‘prickers.’ So my husband of 39 years, who doesn’t really like sports, struck a homerun this afternoon.

131028 Day 8 Cape Cod, USA–Yellow Roses

Monday is the day that Jed stays home with Jonah and Ollie. Today Heather had to go to Boston and wouldn’t get home until well after dinner, so Mark and I went over in the afternoon to give Jed a bit of a break. Jonah wanted to play baseball. I asked him if he knew that the Boston Red Socks were in the World Series and he came back with, “What’s the World Series?” I tried to explain, but it was much more fun to just play. So we did.

131028 Day 8 Cape Cod, USA–World Series in H & J's Backyard