Day 351, Year 9: Preparing (or not) for the Trip South
Date: Tuesday, October 7, 2014
Weather: Another Sunny Day, Warm and Windy, High in the 70’s F
Location: Quissett Harbor, Falmouth, Massachusetts

I’m so tired that I just wrote today’s log and somehow deleted the whole thing while saving it. So this will be the short version. Ollie has another cold and couldn’t go to school today, so we went to Heather and Jed’s to take care of him. What a treat! He constantly entertains us and we had a great day. Mark and I walked with Ollie to get Sam and Jonah after school. On the way, we dropped some clothes in a Planet Aid box at the corner and we saw some miniature golf clubs that someone had left by the box. Planet Aid accepts only clothes, so Mark and I decided to take the clubs for the boys to play with. When we got home, Sam engineered a golf challenge by using a wooden ramp leading to an old lawn mower with the motor removed. That left a big hole for the golf balls to go in. Sam hit a few rounds and then went to do homework. That left Jonah to keep practicing to get a hole in one. He was incredibly good at this and had so much fun.

So we had a great day, but we didn’t do anything to get ready for leaving. Tomorrow we go to Boston for Mark’s chemo treatment, so maybe we’ll have a very productive day on Thursday in terms of trip preparation. The weather is looking just okay and we are planning on a Saturday morning departure. If that sticks, we also have Friday to get ready. But ready or not, we will probably leave here on Saturday morning.

Mark met with his new oncologist here on the Cape today. His name is Dr. Avilez. He is known to be a very compassionate doctor and he gave Mark a proper pep talk. His prescription was ‘eat, drink, and have a wonderful time’—so we will.

141007 Day 351 Cape Cod, USA–After School Fun with SJ&O