Day 177, Year 9: Windy, Windy, Windy
Date: Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Weather: Rainy and Windy All Day
Location: Brewer Fiddler’s Cove Marina, North Falmouth, Massachusetts

It was another day in the life. Mark worked at West Marine and I had both Oliver and Jonah today. Jonah spiked a fever with a cough yesterday and the fever was still with him this morning. No school for Jonah today. Despite not feeling great, we had a fun day together trying to dye eggs using natural dyes like red cabbage, turmeric, and beets. Tomorrow we are going to try dying eggs with onion skins and old silk ties. The projects were fun, but the wind was the dominating factor today. It was and is windy, windy, windy. There were times today at Heather and Jed’s that I was sure a train was coming through the house. But Jonah assured me that it was just the wind. The strong winds today were coming from the southwest bringing warmth. Tonight the winds are clocking to the north and the temperature will drop overnight. The forecast still calls for a wintery mix of rain and ice or snow for early morning. My mother, who married my father 91 years ago today, would call this the Easter storm. She swore there was one every year. And if you are trying to do the math to figure out how my mother would be if she were still living, she would be 106 years old. She married my dad in 1923 when she was only 15. So it might be Tax Day to some, but April 15 is always a time that I remember my parents and celebrate the love of family.