Day 122, Year 9: San Juan to Cape Cod
Date: Wednesday, February 19, 2014
Weather: Rain Overnight and Early Morning, Then Sunny
Location: Back Home on Windbird

The short story . . . It is 3 am on Thursday morning and we just got home. Our flight from San Juan to Philadelphia went without a hitch, but as soon as we arrived in Philadelphia, we could see that the US Airways Philadelphia to Boston flights were not running on time. Our flight was not scheduled to leave until 8:15 pm, but it was delayed two hours due to fuel issues—whatever that means. We boarded, waited and waited, and then got back off the plane and boarded a different plane on a different concourse. It was 10:15 pm by the time we took off. Then when we arrived in Boston, we had to wait for the shuttle bus back to the hotel to pick up the van and then drive home. Waiting for us at Heather and Jed’s house was our car piled with snow. How rude. But Jed helped shovel enough snow for us to drive out while Heather got the three boys into bed. It was a VERY LONG day for them but they were troopers all the way. Heather is supposed to drive back to Boston tomorrow for work and Jed needs to go into work tomorrow afternoon, so the vacation is over!

The longer story . . . We had the whole morning to play in Old San Juan. Justin and Jo got up early and to make it to Jo’s 8 am appointment at Immigration. The rest of us got up between 7 and 8 and walked just down the street to a breakfast café on the Colon Plaza. We then walked just another block to the San Cristobal Fort. It rained while we were in the café, but then it cleared and was a beautiful morning. Fort San Cristobal is part of the US National Park system, so Mark bought a life-long pass for Seniors and everyone else got in free as his guests. The fort was very interesting and Sam and Jonah really enjoyed it. It was a great way to end our trip to Puerto Rico.

140219 Day 122 Culebra, PR–Fort San Cristobal