Day 11, Year 9: Happy Halloween
Date: Thursday, October 31, 2013
Weather: Overcast but Warm(er), High 60’s F, Low 50’s F
Location: Brewer Fiddler’s Cove Marina, North Falmouth, Massachusetts

Mark says my sense of ‘warm’ is different from his. When I was warm today, he was still cold. There was no sunshine and it was windy, but with a daytime high in 60’s, it felt warm to me. There were a few sprinkles during the Trick or Treat time tonight, but it was still warm enough in the evening that the kids didn’t have to worry about wearing coats over their costumes. Unfortunately, this little spell of warm is going to be short-lived. There is actually a 40 per cent chance of snow—yes, snow—on Sunday night. OMG

Mark, Ollie, and I had a fairly typical day until about 2:15 in the afternoon. Then we got a call from Jed saying that he and Heather were on their way from Woods Hole to Sam’s school for a 2:45 pm Halloween parade. Ollie had just gotten up from his nap, so we convinced him to put on a pumpkin costume and get in the stroller. He has absolutely resisted the idea of putting on a costume for Heather and Jed, so they had given up the idea. But I pulled the pumpkin costume out of the dress-up drawer and somehow Granddad got him to put it on with just a little persuasion. Then Granddad put on a crazy wig and off we went. There is a quarter-mile track adjacent to the playground at Sam’s school and that is where the parade took place. Ollie had a great time frolicking in the field looking very much like a pumpkin and Sam walked proudly in the parade as an Army guy in camouflage. After the parade, Jed had to go back to work, but we stayed at the school and played on the playground until time to pick-up Sam. When we got home, Sam played in his ‘fort’ made of pine shats. We practiced for his Friday spelling test in the fort and then he decided he needed to make something ‘spooky’ to add the fort décor. Heather suggested that he make a scare crow. He stuffed a pair of his pants and one of his shirts with pine shats and then added a pumpkin head and a hat. Perfect! While Heather was helping with this, I fixed dinner and then Jonah and Jed arrived home. Heather and Jed had attended Jonah’s Halloween parade in Woods Hole earlier in the day. Our little Captain America thought it appropriate to sing the Star-spangled Banner throughout the entire parade. Another ‘perfect.’ I mean, of course you would expect Captain America to be patriotic. After dinner, Jed (dressed as a wizard) took the three boys out to Trick or Treat and Heather (Little Red Riding Hood) stayed home to pass out candy. We stuck around to help out and to enjoy the spirit of the evening. Happy Halloween!

131031 Day 11 Cape Cod, USA–Halloween