Day 80, Year 8: South Carolina’s Version of Winter is Here
Date: Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Weather: Most Sunny, but Cool and Windy
Location: Lightkeepers Marina in Coquina Harbor, Little River, SC

The winds they are a blowin’ and the air temperature is dropping. We had cool weather back in December and in early January when we were up north, but it has been warm for so long that it is hard to remember the cold times. But they are here once again. We will have freezing nighttime temperatures for a few days and cool days with temps in the 50’s, but by Monday things should be warmer once again. The tulip trees were beginning to bloom, as well as some of the fruit trees, so these freezing nights will put an end to that. It really was too early for all the blossoms, but no one told them that.

Mark and I spent the day working and took only an hour’s break to go on a walk. Mark is making progress in his search for a public radio station manager and I am making progress on Year 1 photos. It is a painstaking job to go back and try and name photos from 8 years ago, but I did get that part of the job done. It was the period of time from leaving Boston to arrival in St. Martin that had to be edited and named. It was tedious, but at the same time it was interesting to go back and relive that time. We no sooner took off on our voyage around the world than we had to duck into the Delaware Bay with no engine. We lost our transmission and ended up having a brand new engine installed. And then we had the worst passage of our circumnavigation from Norfolk to St. Martin. We were obviously being tested, and we obviously passed the test as we were able to regroup and continue our sail around the world. Now I just have to get all of the Year 1 photos posted to the website. Maybe this cool weather will force me to stay inside and get the job done.