Day 350, Year 8: A Happy Man
Date: Saturday, October 19, 2013
Weather: Getting a Bit Cooler, but Still Sunny
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Mark is a happy man tonight. His new Nexus 7 tablet arrived today. Since we are leaving Woods Hole tomorrow, we had Heather and Jed take the car and this left us with no transportation. But the instant Mark got an email message that the tablet was being delivered this afternoon (sooner than expected), he hopped on the bus and headed straight to East Falmouth to pick up it up. I tried to convince him that he would live through the night without it, but that fell on deaf ears. When the old Nexus 7 went flying off the top of the car a couple of weeks ago, it was broken but the cover was fine. Unfortunately the new tablet is a slightly different size, so we’ll have to order a new protective cover . . . and make sure Mark doesn’t leave it on the top of the car again!

We spent our morning going to soccer games and taking things to the storage unit between games. So far we have been very fortunate to have all but one soccer Saturday be warm and sunny. There was rain early one Saturday morning, but it was gone by 9 am, so the games were still on. Sam and Jonah are increasing in skill level, but the most important thing is that they are having a great time running up and down that field with good friends. Ollie loves watching and does a great job of dribbling the ball up and down the sidelines. He is constantly on the lookout for anyone with a friendly dog and stops to pet when he finds one, no matter how big or how small. He absolutely LOVES ‘duggies’ and if he can’t have a real one, we are going to have to find a mechanical dog that can walk and bark!

131019 Day 350 Cape Cod,USA–Mark and His New Tablet