Day 346, Year 8: A Day with Ollie
Date: Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Weather: Mostly Sunny Today and Warmer
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

I spent my day with Ollie. Sam went to school, Jed and Jonah headed to Woods Hole, and Mark and Heather drove to Boston. Heather goes to WGBH in Boston every Tuesday to record a weekly science piece for a public television program called Greater Boston. She usually has to drive alone, but today she was able to drive up with Mark as a work colleague from Woods Hole was coming up later and could bring her home. This left Ollie and I home alone and we had a fantastic day. Ollie loves to laugh and is just the easiest child to hang out with. He plays well alone and his only demand is that you read books to him . . . and read books . . . and read books. I think he could sit and be read to all day, but we also played outside, played with cars and trucks in the playroom, and played ‘laundry.’ The ‘laundry’ game was helping Oma fold clothes. Ollie loves pushing the baskets of laundry around and at one point he put on a pink tank top of his mom’s and put on his daddy’s shoes. What a site! Heather and Jed don’t want to send Ollie back to daycare until he is healthy. Right now he is still battling the double ear infections and a cold. But he is getting better. I will continue to help by providing daycare for Ollie until it is time for us to leave.

Mark had his quarterly CT scan this afternoon and will get the results in the morning when he meets with his oncologist. He will then return home and assuming he gets a clean bill of health, we will get serious about getting ready to head south. It is looking like there might be a window next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. In any case, we will pack the v-berth with things we are taking from storage to Justin and Jo and do all of the last minute provisioning and boat jobs. Then we will wait for what we hope will be the ‘just right’ time to leave.

131015 Day 346 Cape Cod, USA–Ollie in Momma's Top and Daddy's Shoes
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