Day 307, Year 8: Happy 10th Anniversary to Heather and Jed
Date: Friday, September 6, 2013
Weather: Beautiful Day
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

It was a beautiful day like today ten years ago when Heather and Jed were married at Spruce Point in Boothbay, Maine. It was a picture book wedding and the intervening ten years have produced three fantastic little boys. It is still hard for me to believe my first born has been married for ten years. I’m sure Jed’s parents, Marti and Donald, feel the same way. But even if we do find it hard to believe, the proof is there. So here’s to a very happy anniversary, Heather and Jed. You spent the first decade together producing. Now you will spend the next decade ‘growing’ the product. Just think, in 2023 Sam will be in high school, Jonah will be in middle school, and Ollie will be eleven years old. Enjoy every minute of the ‘growing’ years.

Mark and I kept the boys tonight while Heather and Jed went out to dinner. Sam was sad that his parents were going out to dinner without him, so I suggested that we go out as well. We went first class—to MacDonald’s. It was actually a good choice. The boys have all been sick and have eaten very little. They actually ate McNuggets and fries and Jonah and Ollie loved the apples that came with the Happy Meals. Ollie was a little sad at bedtime without momma, but he settled quickly. We had such a nice evening that I’m going to suggest that Heather and Jed go out every Friday night for the next month. That’s our anniversary gift.

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