Day 301, Year 8: Big Boys Overnight on Windbird
Date: Saturday, August 31, 2013
Weather: Mostly Cloudy, Windy, and Cool
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

The weather continued to be overcast and cool. So it was not a good end-of-summer sailing day. We’ll wait until there is a beautiful weekend in September and do the sail then. Instead, Heather and Jed took the boys to play miniature golf and we met them there at 11:30 am. I had an appointment at a clothing consignment shop in the same complex as the mini-golf course and Heather wanted to go with me. The appointment was a complete bust as only one of the 15 items we took in was accepted. This is a high end consignment shop and the clothes have to be perfect. Ours obviously were not. But the good thing is that Heather was able to find a number of clothing items to update her wardrobe. We had lunch together and then they took the boys home for naps and we came back to Windbird. Ollie is starting to recover a bit from his cold, but this morning Sam and Jonah both woke up with a cold. Later in the afternoon, despite having fevers, they both decided to come spend the night on Windbird. Earlier in the week Sam talked to me about staying over before school starts and he has decided he wants to spend both tonight and tomorrow night on the boat. We’ll have to see how they are feeling tomorrow, but hopefully they can both stay another night. We love having them here. This evening when we went to pick them up, Ollie got really sad that he couldn’t come. He was reaching out to both Granddad and myself pleading to go with us. He loves his big brothers and wants to do everything they do. But he’s not ready to make it through the night without momma just yet. Maybe by next summer he can join us. Tonight we watched Peter Pan. After our episode of trying to catch our shadows last Sunday in Menemsha, both Mark and I thought they would enjoy seeing this old favorite.

Mark goes to work early tomorrow and I’ll decide what Sam, Jonah, and I should do once I see how they feel in the morning. The weather is supposed to be more of the same with a greater chance of precipitation, so it is not being at all helpful. At least the wind is coming from the SW quadrant and not from the north. Our sailing friends from Australia, Geoff Nunquam and Chris Melco of Shambala, left the Chesapeake Bay this morning and are headed this way. It looks like they could have a wet trip, but they will have plenty of wind moving them along. They could arrive in time for dinner on Labor Day. We are looking forward to visiting with them again before they head further Down East.