Day 295, Year 8: Tarpaulin Cove to Menemsha
Date: Sunday, August 25, 2013
Weather: Another Gorgeous Day, Winds SW 10-15
Location: Moored Off Menemsha, SW Side of Martha’s Vineyard

This will be a short log—not because there isn’t much to say, but because I’m too tired to say it! We had a wonderful day with Heather and the three boys. We left Tarpaulin Cove and motored to Menemsha against the wind. Thankfully the wind wasn’t too strong, but still the trip took almost two hours to go only seven miles. There are public moorings off the beach at Menemsha so we picked up one of those and proceeded to beach by dinghy for a few hours of fun in the sun. The beach here is a pebble beach with a bit of sand above the high tide line. Surprisingly, the boys chose to play in the pebbles and not on the sand. The stones were so smooth and warm that you could just lie down on them and feel like you were being massaged. We sent Mark back to Windbird to pick up food and enjoyed lunch on the beach. We then took Heather and Ollie back to the boat for a nap and Mark and I took Sam and Jonah into Menemsha to explore possibilities for dinner and to just generally let the boys run off some steam. I wish we could capture just half the energy these boys expend and use it to recharge our old bodies! We took Sam and Jonah to road that is sparsely traveled and just let them run. Mark convinced them that they could catch their shadows and they tried. When we left Menemsha Harbor and headed back out to Windbird, we had wind against raging current which produced three to five foot standing waves. So we had an exciting ride. We picked up Heather and Ollie and came back in for dinner. We had the most unremarkable food I think I have ever had for quite a remarkable price, but it is Martha’s Vineyard and I didn’t have to cook dinner.

Tomorrow morning we will leave early to head back to Woods Hole. Heather has to go to work and Mark and I will enjoy the day with all three boys. Ollie seems to be getting another cold. Either that or being on the boat sets off his asthma. But whichever, because he isn’t feeling great combined with the fact that the weather is supposed to be yucky, we might just take the boys home for a quiet afternoon.

130825 Day 295 Cape Cod, USA–Tarpaulin Cove to Menemsha, Martha's Vineyard