Day 265, Year 8: Slow Down Day
Date: Friday, July 26, 2013
Weather: Still Cool and Rainy
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Yesterday was a full day of activity but the weather has slowed things down a bit. Mark and I drove to Heather’s around 10 am and Mark immediately sequestered himself in the den for a conference call. I played with all three boys while Heather went to work for a couple of hours and Mark went to work for the remainder of the afternoon. The boys and I continued playing with bubbles using the very last little piece of dry ice from yesterday. After the dry ice was gone, I gave Ollie the big bowl with bubble liquid in it, sat him in the middle of the kitchen floor, and then had the big boys use straws to blow bubbles for him. He continued to play in the bubbles for quite some time, while Sam and Jonah did some more experimentation with their bubbles on the dining table. I don’t get to see Ollie nearly as much as I see Sam and Jonah, so I really enjoy the time with him. He is just too cute for words and is such a good natured little guy. After bubble play, it was then time to feed Ollie and get him down for a nap, so I caved to the video gods and put on a video for Sam and Jonah to watch while I put Ollie down. We don’t revert to videos very often, but on a cool and rainy Friday, I decided it was well deserved and gave us all the break we needed. Later in the afternoon, Heather took me into town to catch the trolley back to Woods Hole and I have been sitting here working on photos ever since.

The weather is supposed to be sunny tomorrow, but then the rain returns on Sunday. We had been planning a sailing overnight with Heather and family for Sunday, but we’ll have to see what this weather is going to do before proceeding with that plan.