Day 261, Year 8: Mellow Monday
Date: Monday, July 22, 2013
Weather: Overcast and a Tad Cooler, High in the Upper 70’s
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

I can’t remember the last time Mark and I have been together on Windbird for a whole day with no major agenda. As Jonah would say, “Nice.” Then he adds, “Yeah, baby.” And he says all of this with a forced deep voice. I have no idea where he picked this up, but I’m passing it on. Anyway, today I pretended that I was out on some tropical island and did our laundry in a bucket and hung it to dry on the life lines. Mark launched into another boat project—replacing the small bilge pump. The other day he rewired the large bilge pump so that it works properly again, and after today, we have both bilge pumps working. He then started investigating the refrigerator cooling system. In the last couple of weeks it has been cooling sporadically. Some days the refrigerator temp is in the upper 30’s and then it heats up to 50 degrees F. A day or so later it goes back down again. After multiple checks, he is pretty sure that it is the compressor, so we ordered a new one that will arrive on Friday. After a lot of price checking, which required a trip into West Marine to check his sales associate’s price, he ordered an Alder-Barbour from West Marine. The good thing is that he can install this himself. We had a bit of a falling out with the one and only air conditioning-refrigeration repair guy on the Cape last year when our heating and air conditioning system blew up just after his visit to repair it. Since he is recommended by everyone we talk to, our system was probably just ready to bite the dust, but it would be uncomfortable having him come to work on the refrigerator. So let’s hope Mark can get this done without help. Otherwise, we might have to go without refrigeration until we get back to South Carolina. And that does not sound like a plan I’d like to live with!

On our way into town to do the West Marine price check, my favorite osprey was visible feeding her baby in the nest along the beach road into town. Yesterday I could see both the momma and the baby, but I didn’t have time to stop and get a photo. I got a photo of momma (at least I think it was the momma)today, but will keep trying to get the baby before he flies away. This nest is on the top of wooden post right beside the road and it has been so much fun watching as the baby gets bigger.

130722 Day 261 Cape Cod, USA–Osprey