Day 202, Year 8: Getting Ready for May Fair
Date: Friday, May 24, 2013
Weather: Rainy Day and Evening
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Tomorrow is a big day in Woods Hole. Weather permitting, there will be the May Fair in the village park, and rain or shine, at 11 am the scientific research vessel, R/V Atlantis, will set out with a brand new Alvin aboard. Alvin, owned by the US Navy and operated by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI), is a manned deep-ocean research submersible vessel first commissioned in 1964. Atlantis is also owned by the US Navy and operated by WHOI, and when it leaves the dock tomorrow morning, it will not return for three years. So tonight, Heather and all three little ‘Goldpebbles’ are here aboard Windbird so we can get an early start in the morning. And it will be an early start since I have to take Mark to work at West Marine in Falmouth by 8 am. There will be the annual parade through Woods Hole at 10 am and then we’ll watch Atlantis leave. In between, Heather will be delivering the supplies and setting up the tables for making strawberry shortcake for 200 people during the day. This is a fundraiser for the Woods Hole Day Care Cooperative and Heather, Ollie, and I spent our entire day today getting ready. There were strawberries to pick up at one supermarket and whipped cream and fresh-baked biscuits at another. We also made a stop at Walmart for bottled water and other miscellaneous supplies. At the end of the day, Jed watched the boys while Heather and some other volunteers cut up the fresh strawberries at the Day Care center and I delivered food and clothes to Windbird in the rain. At some point in all of our running around, Heather asked, “Is life this complicated for all people?” She was referring to all of the juggling we had to do today with only two cars. First, Jed and Jonah drove the van to Woods Hole while Mark and I drove the Taurus from Woods Hole to Falmouth. Mark drove Heather to Sam’s school where she teaches science lessons every other Friday and I stayed home with Ollie. Then Ollie and I drove Mark to work at West Marine and went back to the school to pick up Heather. Are you exhausted yet? We’re just getting started. Then Heather, Ollie, and I drove to Woods Hole so Heather could record promos for her program for next week. We switched cars so that Heather, Ollie, and I were now in the van and we went back to Falmouth to pick up all the supplies for May Fair. Finally at the end of the day, Jed left for New Haven for his 20th college reunion, I delivered Heather and boys to Windbird, and then I drove to Falmouth to pick Mark up from work. Somehow we threw a bit of a dinner together and now all is quiet. Hopefully we all get a good night’s rest before the fun starts again!