Day 192, Year 8: Windbird’s Trek to Cape Cod, Day 15
Date: Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Weather: Sunny and Cool, Winds SW 15-22, Temp in the Low 60’s F
Latitude: 39 57.454 N
Longitude: 072 42.334 W
Location: Second Day of Offshore Passage, More Than Half Way Home

Captain’s Log for Monday, May 14:
“Last night was rugged. Rough seas, winds in the mid 20’s, and lots of violent rolling. And it lasted until mid-morning when the seas finally started calming and the winds decreased to the mid-teens. As the winds backed we were able to sail a beam reach. Very nice! We are still motor-sailing as we intend to get to Woods Hole before dark tomorrow. Looks like worse weather for Thursday, so we are moving as fast as we can
The crew is holding up well and spirits are high. Lynda is becoming proficient in the galley and is taking her share of boat chores as well. Lee is happy just to be on the water. I don’t have much to share this evening as it has basically been a pleasant, boring day of sailing. Auto is doing all the steering, so we don’t have as much to do as when we were in the waterway. I think we are all getting anxious to get to Cape Cod. I know I am!”

Here on Cape Cod, life is moving along and getting back to normal. Jed is home, no one is sick (although Heather feels like she is getting another cold), and everyone went to work, school, or daycare today. Oma was home alone. The most exciting thing that happened to me today was that my phone fell out of my pocket and tried to flush itself down the toilet. I braved the plunge and saved it—not because I love the phone but because I didn’t want to clog up the septic system. After drying the phone, it was doing erratic things and finally went blank and started buzzing. I took out the battery and let things dry out and tonight the phone seems to be working. I’ve taken it apart again to let it dry more overnight and then I think I’ll be back in business.

Heather and Jed’s neighbors, Melissa and Brian Keefe, have two children—Mollie is four and Joey is three. The Goldstones and the Keefe’s have adjoining backyards and the children play together all the time. Brian has been working for days putting together a new two-story playhouse he brought from a friend in Maine. I mean this is a SERIOUS playhouse. This evening the Goldstone boys were invited over to play and they loved climbing to the second floor of the playhouse and waving down to us. I see many years of fun ahead.

130514 Day 192 Cape Cod, USA–Keefe's New Playhouse
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