Day 175, Year 8: Barbara Jane
Date: Saturday, April 27, 2013
Weather: Winds ESE 8-10 (Little River), High Temp 70 degrees F
Location: RV Resort at Carolina Crossroads, Roanoke Rapids, NC

We’re on our way home from Annapolis and Lee and Lynda are not yet the proud owners of another boat. But they did find a boat that they both agree on and her name is Barbara Jane. She is an Island Packet 32 (1992) and all of us were amazed that the Island Packet 32 seemed to have almost the same amount of space as an older Island Packet 35 (1989). The Island Packet galley is perfect for Lynda, which was a major consideration, and certainly the Island Packet is a stable boat. They both fell absolutely in love with an almost new Island Packet Estero 36 (2010), but her price is $250,000—a little out of the price range. I’m not sure when they will decide whether or not to purchase Barbara Jane or look further, but we did make progress on this trip. Lee and Lynda know a lot more about what each of them really wants out of a boat.

Now our attention needs to turn back to the passage from Little River to Cape Cod. We will arrive home tomorrow afternoon, check the latest weather, and make a decision on whether or not Windbird will head north on Monday or Tuesday. The take-off time was set for 6:30 am on Monday, but the weather looks horrid at this point. If it still looks that way tomorrow, the take-off time will probably be changed to Tuesday morning. One way or another, there are lots of things to do, so we’ll hit the ground running when we get back to Little River tomorrow afternoon.

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