Day 174, Year 8: Annapolis Spring Boat Show
Date: Friday, April 26, 2013
Weather: Winds E 10 (Little River), High Temp in the High 60’s
Location: Duncan Family Campground, Lothian, MD near Annapolis

It was a sailor’s day. We went to the Spring Annapolis Boat Show and looked at boats and looked at boats—and then looked at more boats. Then we met with a broker from the Annapolis Yacht Company and went to look at a couple of Island Packets at nearby boat yards. I had walked over to the Annapolis Yacht Company earlier in the morning to see if the ad for Renaissance 2000 was still in the window. It was and I also found out that a broker named Harold might be able to help Lee and Lynda look for a boat. By the way, Renaissance 2000 belongs to our friends Ken and Jean Powell from Canada whom we met as we sailed around the world. When they got home, they left Renaissance in Annapolis for sale and returned home to Canada. It ends up that Harold, the broker we met with, is the same broker that handles Ken and Jean’s boat. Lynda and Lee were looking at Island Packets today and tomorrow we will meet with Harold at 8 am and re-look at the boats we saw today and took at a couple of other boats. We are hopeful that Lee and Lynda might find boat that they would like to buy amongst the boats we looked at today. So we will look again tomorrow morning and boat or no boat, we will head home to Little River. We will probably go part of the way tomorrow and then reach home on mid-day on Sunday.

130426 Day 174 Annapolis, USA–Annapolis Spring Boat Show
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