Day 173, Year 8: Full Moon in Annapolis
Date: Thursday, April 25, 2013
Weather: Winds NE 13 (Little River), High Temp in the mid-60’s
Location: Duncan Family Campground, Lothian, MD near Annapolis

It was a long day on the road today, but we made it to the Annapolis area by 6:30 pm, got settled in the campground, and then went out to dinner. We drove here in Lee and Lynda Kaufman’s club cab truck pulling their Passport Ultra Lite travel trailer. Tonight we are staying in the travel trailer in a campground near Annapolis and tomorrow we will head into town for the Spring Boat Show. The trip was long but the dinner at the end of the day made it almost worth it. We drove from the campground out to the water to Herrington’s Marina and ate at Calypso Bay. It is a sport bar with an adjacent restaurant. The main entrance to the restaurant was closed for renovation, so we had to walk through the bar. Our expectations were lowered a bit, but not for long. Our waitress, Kim, originally from Jamaica, was great and the food was even better. I had my favorite, a Maryland crab cake, Mark and Lee had Ahi tuna, and Lynda had a pineapple hamburger. The food was fabulous. After dinner, I went to the restroom in the bar and on the return I saw the overhead sign which read, “The best way to a fisherman’s heart is through his fly.” And then we walked out and saw that beautiful full moon. Perfect ending to the day!

130425 Day 173 South Carolina, USA–Trip to Annapolis, Day 1
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