Day 158, Year 8: Springtime at 710 Wild Oak Lane
Date: Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Weather: Winds SSW 10-12; Mostly Sunny; High Temp 79 degrees F
Location: Lightkeepers Marina in Coquina Harbor, Little River, SC

Today was filled with springtime activities at Patsy and Joe’s . . . with a little boat work thrown in for good measure. It was a busy day as Mark, Joe, and I worked together to get flowers planted in the backyard garden, the bluebirds worked hard at making a nest in the old bluebird house, Patsy and I went out to do a little shopping, and Mark cleaned the autopilot control head and cut and installed carpeting in our aft cabin.

We started the day by watching bluebirds build a nest in the old bird house in the backyard and admiring the azaleas which looked to be in peak bloom today. We then went about planting two flats of red begonias, 36 in all, named Whiskey. Later in the day we planted the white begonias named Vodka. We also planted the coral-colored begonia Mark and I gave Patsy when she was in the hospital and got a hearty laugh when we read the label today and saw that it was an Amstel (our favorite beer) begonia. So I guess you’d have to say we had an ‘intoxicating’ grand time planting flowers. After lunch, Patsy decided it was time for her first outing since returning home from the hospital. She desperately needs a pair of shoes that are comfortable for walking. Her favorite brand is SAS, so we headed to the SAS Outlet. We found a pair of sandals that we think will be comfortable, so that foray was successful. Mark’s work on the boat was only half successful. He installed a piece of carpeting in the aft cabin that Brian Thompson gave us and it looks and feels great. The reason for the carpeting is to cover a part of the teak flooring that needs some repairs. We’ll get around to fixing the flooring one of these days, but for now, the carpeting does the job. Brian had the piece of carpeting left over from remodeling a condo, so he just gave it to us. Thanks, Brian! Mark’s unsuccessful task is more costly. Our autopilot control head is in a place where salt water can get into it and over the years it has taken its toll. Mark thought if he washed it out and dried it really well that he might revive it. He did this once before, but it wasn’t successful today. It is operational except for the button that puts it into auto. Since South Africa, we have had to do that with a remote controller. And I guess we will just have to keep doing it that way until we get home. Mark called Ray Marine after finding that his ‘fix’ didn’t take and they said that if we sent it in, it would be at least two weeks before we would hear back from them. We expect to be on our way back to the Cape by that time, so we’ll just keep using the remote and send the control head in for repairs once we are home. It is ten years old and we may find out that we just have to spring for a new one, but we’ll try the repair route first.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another beautiful, warm day and Joe and I have a little more gardening to do before the rain comes tomorrow night. Mark is spending his time thinking about what needs to be done on the boat before our passage north. He flies to Boston on Tuesday of next week for a routine check-up and flies back the next day. And then we get serious about figuring out the best time to leave here. Our time here has passed so quickly and I think we are both in a bit of shock that it is time to head out.

130410 Day 158 South Carolina, USA–Spring Activities at Patsy and Joe's