Day 144, Year 8: Happy Birthday, Lynda
Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Weather: Warming Up a Bit
Location: At Home with Patsy and Joe, Calabash, NC

Today was Lynda Kaufman’s birthday and tonight we went to her surprise birthday party. Lee came up with the idea for the party and their good friend Terry Azar hosted it. Lynda was truly surprised and overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity. The food was wonderful and the cake and birthday banner were very special. Lynda got some nice gifts and everyone had a good time just being together to celebrate. So it was a fun night for everyone attending and a happy birthday for Lynda.

Earlier in the day, we had a quiet morning and then headed to Myrtle Beach. Patsy had a 12:30 pm appointment with her primary care physician and Janet had a 1:45 pm flight home. So we all piled in the van. Patsy, Joe, and I were dropped off at the doctor’s office while Mark and Janet went to the airport. We had a great visit with Janet and will miss her. And Patsy had a good appointment with the doctor. He ordered more blood tests that will hear the results from tomorrow and she had another chest x-ray that showed that she does have some fluid in the bottom of her lungs, but that she does not have pneumonia. The recommendation to get rid of that is more walking. The really good news of the day was that her edema seems to be subsiding. Her weight has come down another six pounds and the doctor thinks another couple of days with her legs elevated might do the trick. So lots of progress was made today. Tomorrow we go back to Charleston for her post-op appointment with the surgeon. It will be a tough day for Patsy, but we will be anxious to see the surgeon and get his opinion on how things are going.

130327 Day 144 South Carolina, USA–Lynda Kaufman's Birthday Party