Day 93, Year 7: Back Home on the Cape
Date: Thursday, February 9, 2012
Weather: Sunny and Beautiful with Temps in the 40’s
Location: Brewer Fiddler’s Cove Marina, N Falmouth, MA

Spirit Airlines got us back to Boston just after midnight which was about twenty minutes early. My niece Candi’s daughter Amy and husband Char were coming to pick up Candi and Lynn and deliver our car so we could head back to the Cape. They weren’t expecting us to arrive until almost 12:30 am and on the way to the airport, Char had to stop to put air in our back tires which delayed them. So it was almost one o’clock when we headed out. As soon as we got through the tunnel that connects the airport to Boston, we had to take a detour through Boston due to construction to the on-ramp for Interstate 93 S. And if that weren’t enough delay, we ran into a snow storm. Yes, you read that right. There was a snow storm. It wasn’t really too bad but it did slow us down. We made it home safely and all was well on Windbird when we got into bed at 3 am. We indulged ourselves and slept until almost noon. It’s been a long time since we have slept that late, but we did it and felt absolutely rested and ready to go by the time we left to pick up Sam and Jonah. Sam has been asking for weeks to come visit Windbird and I knew when I stepped off the boat into the dazzling sunshine that he was going to remember that I promised to bring him to Windbird on the next sunny day. And sure enough, he did remember. So we made a quick stop to let Sam and Jonah pretend fish off the dock and stomp around in the little bit of snow left from last night’s snow. The footprints from our different shoes fascinated the boys. Jonah’s print looked like a race car track while Sam’s looked like a aerial view of space station from Star Trek. My Birkenstocks made squiggles in the snow while Mark’s prints were interesting but left unlabeled. After all that fun, we were only 15 minutes later than usual getting down for naps and both boys slept like angels. They looked so peaceful and angelic that I had to take photos of them. We missed them while we were gone, so it was good to be back home with them.

Tomorrow Mark has an appointment with Dr. Avilez who will be his oncologist here on the Cape. The appointment is at 2:20 pm and we will both go. We are assuming that we will find out when the chemo treatments will begin and we both have lots of questions. We’ll fill you in on the details in tomorrow night’s log.

120209 Day 93 Cape Cod, USA–Back with Sam and Jonah