Day 8, Year 7: Crazy in the Rain
Date: Wednesday, November 16, 2011
Weather: Overcast and Raining, Temps Cooling Down
Location: Brewer Fiddler’s Cove Marina, N Falmouth, Massachusetts

Our beautiful weather has turned into rain and the temperature is going down, but by the weekend we are supposed to have nice weather once again. That’s good news. This afternoon Heather came home early from work and I suggested that she go shopping for clothes. You can hardly tell she is pregnant, but her size 2 jeans are just not making it. A rainy afternoon seemed like a perfect time to get away and shop. Jed was not going to get home until late because he is at a conference in Boston and Mark and I were glad to stay with the boys until Heather could get home from shopping. But instead, we waited until Sam and Jonah got up from nap and then we all took off on a shopping adventure in the rain. The closest shopping is either 30 minutes north to Hyannis or an hour north to an outlet mall that is off Cape. We chose the outlet mall and away we went. The outlet mall is a huge outside mall, but it does have covered walkways. The boys had a ball in the rain, played hide ‘n seek under the clothes racks in the stores, and ran the mazes provided by rows of shoes at Bass. They even rode on a little carousel in the rain. We were being a little crazy and having fun, but at one point we had a bit of a scare. After leaving the Bass outlet store, we had a huge plastic bag of clothes and boots. I left it on a bench under the covered walkway where Mark was watching the boys run races while I went into a store where Heather was shopping. I made sure to tell Mark to watch the bag, but when you have a two little guys running around playing in the rain, it is easy to forget. Eventually Mark brought the boys in to the store and when we left, Heather asked for the bag so she could put more purchases in it. Mark had forgotten about it and left it outside when he came in the store and the bag was no longer on the bench outside. The security office wasn’t far away and luckily they had picked it up. Whew! We were about to have to go back to Bass and repurchase-not fun and not cheap. We ended the evening at a restaurant and both Sam and Jonah were fantastic dinner dates. We read and sang our way home making it a perfect ending for a rainy afternoon and evening outing. Who says shopping can’t be fun!

For six years now, I have written these logs every night, sharing all the things happening in our lives. And as in any of our lives, there have been ups and downs–good news and other news that is not so easy to report. It was not easy to report the death of my brother when we were in India last year and tonight it is not easy to report that his wife, my saint of a sister-in-law Conda, has been diagnosed having brain tumors. One hesitates to talk of such private things in such a public forum, but I mention it here because I hope each of you reading this log will send positive energy and thoughts to Conda to help her through what is going to be a very difficult battle. Conda, we love you. Stay strong.