Day 78, Year 7: Phone Calls, Appointments, and Reservations
Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Weather: Another Beautiful Day, Temps in the 40’s
Location: Brewer Fiddler’s Cove Marina, N Falmouth, MA

Our day started with a lovely walk through the neighborhood. We walked
about a mile to see our friends Dick and Claire Wiklund, and then walked
home from there. It is the first time Mark has been out for a good walk
since early December when he started having shortness of breath when
walking. That is gone now and he feels “good to go.” By the time we got
back to Windbird, it was time to head out to pick up Sam and Jonah. In
between all of this, we were getting calls from family and calls from
doctors setting up various appointments. Mark is so excited that he is
going to get to have the “roto-router” surgery on February 13 before he
starts chemo. If this procedure works, we will no longer have to
self-catheterize six times a day. Dr. Kwak, the oncologist we met with
yesterday talked with Mark’s urologist and they decided that this surgery
should happen sooner rather than later. They miraculously found an opening
in the Mass General OR schedule and called with the February 13 date. The
oncologist here on the Cape also called and made an appointment to see Mark.
So things are rolling along. But then much of the rest of the day was spent
trying to find a way to for us to fly to North Carolina to see my
sister-in-law Conda. I mentioned in last night’s log that she has had a
couple of set-backs in the past few days in her battle with cancer and we
have decided that we would like to fly down to visit with her. In order for
Mark to go, we are going to have to see if he can move the oncologist
appointment for February 6. If not, he will stay home, but I will be
flying south next Saturday, February 4, for a couple of days. My
sister-in-law is in Charlotte, North Carolina staying with my nephew Tommy
and his wife Marilou. Flying there is expensive, but I found flights to
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina much cheaper and will fly there and borrow my
sister’s van and drive to Charlotte. That way I will get to visit with my
sister and her husband as well as see my sister-in-law. Figuring all of
this out took most of the evening and is still not set in stone. But,
fingers crossed, it will be by mid-day tomorrow.