Day 74, Year 7: BIG Snow
Date: Saturday, January 21, 2012
Weather: Overcast with Snow All Day, Temps 25 to 35 degrees F
Location: Brewer Fiddler’s Cove Marina, N Falmouth, MA

Yesterday we woke up to sunny skies with a little snow on the ground. This
morning we woke to a snowy sky with lots of snow on the ground. And the
snow has continued the entire day. I think we have gotten about 8 inches of
the fluffy white stuff. We haven’t tried to move the car today as the snow
plows weren’t on the roads. I guess they were waiting for the snow to stop,
but that hasn’t happened. So we didn’t get to see Sam on this birthday, but
I know he is one happy little five year-old. He certainly got his wish for
snow. The snow is supposed to stop around 8 pm this evening and we should
have sunny skies tomorrow afternoon for Sam’s party. It is a good thing the
party was planned for tomorrow instead of today as it would surely have been
cancelled today. The only complication now is whether or not Heather’s
flight will get in tonight. She was flying from Raleigh, North Carolina to
Atlanta and then leaving Atlanta around 8 or 9 pm tonight arriving in
Providence just before midnight. She was going to try and change her ticket
but the last I heard she wasn’t getting a lot of cooperation from Delta.
Sam’s party is not until 3 pm tomorrow, so even if she does get stuck in
Atlanta, maybe she can still fly in tomorrow morning.

We made a big mistake by forgetting to get a shovel, but we are improvising.
We have a boat hook with attachments and one of them is a deck scrubbing
brush. Today it became a broom of sorts and I pushed snow off the dock with
it. The docks here are wood, and ice builds up on them quickly.
We are on a finger pier and from the steps to the main dock is about 12
feet. There is about another 15 feet of main dock to be cleared. And then
there is what I call the “bridge” that is hinged and raises and lowers with
the tide. It is about 20 feet long. All of that is metal and has to be
cleared of snow. The last 20 feet to the car is a brick walkway and I
figure we can just trudge through the snow on the walkway as the ice doesn’t
build up on it like it does the dock. It all seemed like a short
distance until today when I had to clear it with a push broom! And there
was so much snow coming down continually all day that I couldn’t even get a
photo to document it. I’m sure it will all still be here in the morning and
I will get photos then.

I just talked to my sister Patsy in North Carolina and they enjoyed a sunny
70 degree day today. When the sun is not shining, we can’t get the inside
of the boat up to 70 degrees when it is below freezing outside, so needless
to say, we were a bit jealous when my brother-in-law Joe said he was sitting
around wearing shorts. Best not to think about it. We are just hoping that
the warmer-than-normal weather we have been having this winter returns soon.

120121 Day 74 Cape Cod, USA–BIG Snow