Day 68, Year 7: Walmart to IKEA
Date: Sunday, January 15, 2012
Weather: Frigid Temps Ranging from 10 to 20 degrees F
Location: Brewer Fiddler’s Cove Marina, N Falmouth, MA

We moved up today. Instead of walking in Walmart, we went with Heather and
family to IKEA and did our walking there. Of course, we had to drive an
hour each way to get there and back, but we had a good time playing in the
children’s department with Sam and Jonah and had an IKEA lunch which costs
very little. So it was a fun way to spend the day. When we got back to
Falmouth it was almost time for Sam and Jonah to go to Sunday night ice
skating. We got dropped off at the boat, gathered our things to spend the
night at Heather and Jed’s, and headed to the ice arena. I must digress
just a bit to explain why we were going to Heather and Jed’s for the night.
When we were here on Friday night for dinner Sam really wanted us to spend
the night. But we had just returned from Boston and really needed to get
back to check on Windbird. So we promised we would do an overnight on
Sunday. Tomorrow is a holiday, so we can spend the morning having fun. Now
back to the ice arena. We missed Jonah’s first time on the ice last
Sunday, so we went tonight to see him. He wasn’t as enthusiastic as last
week when he simply took off even without the milk crates, but he did go out
three times. All of the other kids except for one little girl are all older
and bigger, so it must be a bit intimidating. But he is a trooper and
really prefers walking on the ice without the milk crates. Sam is also
doing great. I’ve attached a few photos of them, proud Oma that I am.

The weather is frigid, but promises to warm up by Tuesday. The low last
night was 11 degrees F and the high was no more than 20. The wind is still
blowing and even though we were toasty inside Windbird last night, going
outside today was a bit of shock. So I can think of no reason why it ever
needs to be this cold again!

120115 Day 68 Cape Cod, USA–Jonah on the Ice