Day 62, Year 7: Same, Same
Date: Monday, January 9, 2012
Weather: Mostly Sunny with Temps in the Low 40’s
Location: Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts

There’s nothing new to report from Room 2234, Phillips House, Massachusetts
General Hospital. Mark’s condition is the same, so we are just in a holding
pattern. He still has a low grade fever-normal they say. His normally low
blood pressure is a little high-normal they say. He looks and feels
great-normal I say. But those inner workings just haven’t awakened from the
shock of surgery yet. The nurses can start to hear a little rumbling in the
gut, but nothing is moving through and he can’t be released from the
hospital until that happens. The doctor is saying that it will probably be
Wednesday before we can head home with a possibility that he could be
released tomorrow afternoon if things start working by morning. Tonight Dr.
Sylla came in and she asked if we requested the fancy accommodations we have
here. We replied that we certainly did not and she said that we must have
just gotten lucky. Evidently you normally have to request a room in this
section of the hospital, but when the normal surgery ward is full, which it
must have been on Friday, they have to put you where there is a space. I
don’t want to know how much it costs to stay in a single room like this
rather the normal double accommodations with a view of the hospital’s
physical plant, but we have certainly enjoyed the beautiful views and lavish
accommodations. I ended up having to spend the night here again last night
as Mark’s temperature started to spike just as I was leaving, so I took
advantage of the extra night here to take in views of the full moon. And
tonight Mark and I were on walk down to the waiting area when we saw this
huge red orb rising over the Boston Harbor. I ran to get my camera to try
and capture the beauty of the moon rising. No photo can capture the beauty
of seeing it in real time, but I will post a couple of photos anyway.
I drove to the Cape this morning, went to my primary care physician to get
an annual physical, and stopped by Windbird to check on things before
returning here. I seem to be fine and Windbird was warm and cozy. She
looks a little lonely, so we need to focus on getting home as soon as

120109 Day 62 MGH, Boston MA–Full Moon Rising