Day 55, Year 7: Lazy Day
Date: Monday, January 2, 2012
Weather: Weather Changing, Windy and Getting Colder
Location: Brewer Fiddler’s Cove Marina, N Falmouth, Massachusetts

We basically spent our first day back home in bed. Now, how lazy is that?! We slept in this morning later than either of us remembers sleeping in since we were teenagers, and then we went back to bed and took a nap this afternoon. These colds have gotten to both of us and I finally succumbed and starting taking an antibiotic this afternoon as I know I now have a sinus infection. Mark is not at that stage yet and I hope he doesn’t get there. He is really just getting the cold. The timing couldn’t be worse as he needs to be ready for his surgery on Friday. I’m just hoping that enough water and rest will help him shake this thing quickly. We’ll just have to wait and see how that goes.

In the late afternoon, we took a ride into Falmouth to the grocery store and the drug store, and we made a quick stop at Heather and Jed’s. They were just getting home from a daytime shopping trip to Hyannis. Sam and Jonah had fallen asleep on the way home and were slow to wake up, but when they did they opened their Christmas gift from Justin, Jo, and Ziggy that we had brought from New Mexico. Justin and Jo ordered the Lincoln log-type blocks from a company in Maine and they were supposed to be sent directly to the farm in Maine. There was a mix-up, however, and they were delivered to New Mexico and then we transported them back to the East Coast. They are certainly well-traveled building blocks. Regardless, Sam and Jonah enjoyed getting the late Christmas present and went right to work building. It’s interesting that these modern-day Lincoln log blocks are squared-off instead of round, but I think they actually make the building easier.

The weather here is changing. It was warm the entire time we were gone, but tonight the thermometer will dip to about 20 degrees F. That combined with the winds that are blowing 25-35 knots will make for a chilly night. It is supposed to stay below freezing tomorrow, get into the teens tomorrow night, and then start slowly warming up again on Wednesday. We might have seen the last of the 50 degree winter weather for bit, but it has certainly been wonderful to have such warm weather up until now. I know it is not normal and it means that the climate is really screwed up, but nevertheless, it has made our reintroduction from the tropics to winter in New England a little easier.