Day 50, Year 7:  Late Night Fright with Lulu
Date:  Wednesday, December 28, 2011
Weather:  Mostly Overcast, Periods of Sun
Location:  At Home with JJ&Z in Ojo Sarco, New Mexico

Today was supposed to be a major project day, but things got a bit derailed.  At midnight, Justin came to the bus to ask us to come to the house to sleep while they took their dog Lulu to the vet in Santa Fe.  Lulu was very sick with gasto-intestinal problems and they were afraid she wouldn’t make it through the night.  So we slept in their bed in the house to be with Ziggy while they took off for the long trip to Santa Fe.  At 3 am the phone rang.  It was the vet office calling for Justin, but they realized too late that they needed to call his cell phone.  Justin and Jo had dropped Lulu with the vet and had decided to spend the night in Santa Fe as Lulu needed to be on an IV overnight.  While Mark and I were up talking on the phone, Ziggy quietly slipped from his bedroom and was fast asleep on Justin and Jo’s bed when we returned to bed.  He slept until 8 am with us and awoke with a bit of fright when he saw me instead of Jo.  But he settled right down as soon as we explained that Lulu was sick and that mommy and daddy had to take her to the hospital.  We had a great morning with Ziggy and then Justin and Jo returned at noon with Lulu.  She is stabilized but still a very sick little doggy.  It was an expensive night for Justin and Jo as the vet bill was almost $700, but it looks like Lulu is going to make it and that is the important thing.

Everyone was a bit tired this afternoon, but Justin and Mark did get the shelves for Ziggy’s toys built.  We’ll continue with the projects tomorrow.  Today was the first day since we have been here that we have had overcast skies.  Tomorrow is supposed to be partly sunny and then the sunny days should return.  We might take a trip north to Taos on Friday and then it will be New Year’s Eve.  Time is passing so very quickly.