Day 44, Year 7: On the Road, Day 3-We Made It!
Date: Thursday, December 22, 2011
Weather: Foggy, Very Windy with Gusts to 50 Knots, Blinding Snow in NM
Location: At Home with JJ&Z in Ojo Sarco, New Mexico

This will be short with details following tomorrow. It is 2 am and we just got to Justin and Jo’s a little bit ago. And not by bus. Three hour delay in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the night . . . no bus driver for the Amarillo, Texas to Albuquerque leg of the trip . . . rented a one-way car to drive to New Mexico . . . ran into blinding snow from the New Mexico border to Albuquerque and again from just north of Albuquerque. Justin had to wait around for hours to drive us north from Albuquerque, but it was all worth it. We made it safely and we will have a WHITE CHRISTMAS. It is really winter here. Their house looks great. We’re just sorry we got here too late to see Ziggy tonight, so we are looking forward to tomorrow morning. I have some great stories to share about the last 24 hours, but they will have to wait until tomorrow. To bed I go.

111222 Day 44 New Mexico, USA–Arrival