Day 357, Year 7: Windbird Survived Sandy
Date: Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Weather: Mix of Clouds and Sun with Periods of Heavy Rain
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

We are so thankful that Windbird survived Sandy with no apparent damage.
Our daughter drove down to Woods Hole this morning and called to let us know
that everything looked just fine. We were relieved, but still anxious to
get home to see the boat ourselves. We stopped at Heather’s for dinner and
didn’t get home until well after dark tonight, but with the help of an
almost full moon we could see no problems. I have to say that it was an
overwhelmingly wonderful feeling to see Windbird shining in the moonlight.
She’s been good to us and we love her like she is our best friend. We’ll
check further in the daylight tomorrow for damage, but if there is any it
would be where the fenders rubbed against the hull. In South Africa, the
AwlGrip paint job was dulled in a couple of places where the fenders rubbed
against the hull in 50 knot winds. According to Heather, Woods Hole only
got gusts to 60 knots yesterday with sustained winds somewhere between 30
and 40 knots. Thankfully we didn’t get hit with the intensity projected.
But our thoughts are with those that did. We now have to turn our attention
to getting Windbird put back together for a Saturday departure for our sail
to South Carolina. So much time and so little to do!

Mark also survived his three-month post-chemo check-up, but once again, he
did not get a full green light. The radiologists now think they see
‘something’ on his lungs. The oncologist really doesn’t think it is
anything to worry about, but ‘me worry’ anyway. She thinks it might be
inflammation from the parathyroid surgery. But just in case, Mark now has
to return to Mass General right after the first of the year for another full
scan. Either the spot on the lung will have disappeared or it will have
developed into something that can be identified. So we have appointments on
January 3 and 4 and will fly back from South Carolina for that. If all goes
well, we will be back in South Carolina and ready to head further south to
Florida and the Bahamas no later than the middle of January. Mark is
totally optimistic as is his oncologist, so the show goes on.