Day 343, Year 7: Gearing Up
Date: Tuesday, October 16, 2012
Weather: Partly Cloudy, High Temp in the 60’s
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

We are gearing up for our last two weeks here and the Presidential
candidates in their debate tonight were definitely gearing up for their last
three weeks of battle before the election. I had a chiropractor appointment
early this this morning to have work done on my right arm-the injury I
sustained when I fell off the companionway ladder while sailing from South
Africa to Grenada. I still have very little range of motion with that arm
but discovered last week while visiting the chiropractor for a back issue
that whatever he did to my arm actually made a tremendous difference. I
will return tomorrow and Thursday, and then follow the instructions for
exercise while we are away for the winter. But I am so very impressed with
the improvement from last week to now. After the chiropractor visit, I went
to Heather’s to help out with Jonah and Oliver while she got some work done.
Mark returned to Woods Hole and secured a slip for us at the Woods Hole
Marine dock for the next two weeks. We had looked into a three different
possibilities, but it was time to make a decision. Buzz, the owner of Woods
Hole Marine, is disconnecting electricity to his docks sometime soon in
order to rewire. So we have been hesitant to agree to stay there. But
today he told Mark that he really doesn’t think he is going to get that work
done in the next two weeks. Since that is where we wanted to be, that was
good news. And besides, he agreed to take our hurricane lines in return for
slip rent. So that made it a no brainer for us. A faithful blog reader
from Louisiana really wanted those lines, but we were having a very
difficult time figuring out how to ship such a heavy load. The trade with
Buzz was perfect for us.

We are not the only ones gearing up for heading south. Steve and Irene of
Star from Nevis in the Caribbean are leaving tomorrow. They will go to
Falmouth to fill up on fuel tomorrow and on Thursday they will sail to
Newport. They will visit with friends there until the weather is right for
departure. In the summer they keep their boat on a dock adjacent to the
WHOI dock where we keep our dinghy. We haven’t spent any time socializing
with them, but we do see them almost every day as we head out to Windbird
and we will look forward to seeing them when we both return from ‘down
south’ next spring.

In the afternoon, Mark returned from Woods Hole and we had a fun evening
with the boys. While holding Oliver, we played baseball, and then football
(more like rugby) with Sam and Jonah. We had a fun time running and being
crazy together. Heather joined us and that made it all the more fun.
Tomorrow Jed’s parents arrive for a couple of days so we will probably not
see the boys again until Friday or Saturday. And then Justin, Jo, Ziggy,
and Coco arrive. And by the way, we got the details on the car accident
today and found that it was really only Justin that was in the car wreck
yesterday. He was driving Mirabelle, their 1973 bright yellow Volkswagen
Beetle. Thankfully no one was hurt, but an elderly woman side-swiped
Mirabelle even thought Justin got as far off the road as possible. She
really didn’t see him, and Mirabelle’s whole left side is trashed.
Mirabelle is a 1973 Volkswagen Beetle and her worth could be anywhere
between $5,000 to $10,000. Justin doesn’t yet know what the assessors are
thinking in terms or reimbursement, so we will just have to wait to find out
about that. This has put a lot of extra stress into leaving for a vacation
in New England, but they are still on track and will arrive on Saturday
evening. Can’t wait to see them.