Day 334, Year 7: Day of Rest . . . with an Eency Bit of Work
Date: Sunday, October 7, 2012
Weather: Partly Sunny Morning; Overcast with Rain Remainder of Day
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Actually we worked all day, but at a very slow pace, so it seemed like a day
of rest. Mark and I worked together to take everything out of the storage
area under the v-berth. We looked at it, thought about it, and ended up
putting everything back with the exception of the hurricane lines. These
came with the boat, have taken up a huge amount of space for the past eleven
years, and have only been used once during that time-to decorate the outdoor
reception area at Heather and Jed’s wedding to give it a nautical feel.
Each of the four lines is 100 feet long and it would cost at least $600 to
buy the lot of them new. But they take up a huge amount of space and aren’t
as strong as other line we have that take up less room. Basically, we just
don’t need them. So we put them in the car and will start looking for a
home for them. During the afternoon we went to shore and talked to Buzz,
the marina owner, to see if there might be dock space for us for the last
two weeks of October when Justin, Jo, Ziggy, and Coco will be here. There
will be room but there might not be electricity, and that is precisely why
we would want to move to shore. It would be nice to have heat in case it is
really cold. But Buzz is going to be putting in new water and electrical
lines at some point, and that could leave us without power. We will look
for other options, and stay in touch with Buzz to check on his timing of
getting things done. It is possible that he might not get to the electrical
work until after we are gone. In that case, we could stay here. We have
one other possible option in Eel Pond. The big boat that comes in here from
Nevis in the Caribbean each summer stays on a private dock. They are headed
south sometime next week, so the dock owner might let us move in for a
couple of weeks. If neither of the Eel Pond options works out, we’ll check
with Fiddler’s Cove. So one way or another, we’ll probably have a dock and
be plugged in while Justin and Jo are here, maybe not in Woods Hole, but
somewhere. One good thing came out the conversation with Buzz. He might be
interested in buying the hurricane lines. The selling price will be very
cheap. We just want to find a home for them. We’re also looking for a home
for all of the old electronic gear, but that might not be as easy to
off-load. We have a large shopping bag of gear to give away to someone who
needs strange electrical connectors and other parts.

Tonight we talked to Justin and Jo via Skype. Ziggy was a ball of energy
and Coco entertained us with her smiles and ‘talking.’ She is a cutie and
we just can’t wait to meet her. I’m posting a few photos that I got off
Jo’s Facebook page with this log.

If I manage to stay on Windbird all day tomorrow, it will be the first time
in more than a year that I have stayed put for three straight days. Do you
think I’ll make it?

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