Day 32, Year 7: Overnighter
Date: Saturday, December 10, 2011
Weather: Mostly Cloudy, Temperature Dropping
Location: Brewer Fiddler’s Cove Marina, N Falmouth, Massachusetts

Mark worked today at West Marine and I did the last bit of Christmas shopping. I have actually bought almost everything online, but there are some things that I needed to see before purchasing and that required shopping trips. You couldn’t tell today that we have slowed economy, at least not by the number of shoppers out there. And they were definitely buying, not just looking. I had to return something to a Gap outlet and the line was like one you would experience at Disney World during the holidays.

After I picked Mark up from West Marine, we headed to Heather and Jed’s. We were spending the night there as we were babysitting while H & J attended the Highfield Hall Holiday Ball and wouldn’t get home until almost midnight. Sam wasn’t convinced that adults should be able to go out without their children, but then he remembered that we were going to have a popcorn party and watch the second half of Cars 2 while mommy and daddy were out dining and dancing. That made things okay. Heather and Jed both look great in their formal dress. We took photos and as soon as they left, the boys had their evening baths while I scrubbed the kitchen floor. Part of the popcorn party was that I would open the lid to the popping corn and let it pop onto the floor; thus the need for a clean floor. Both boys loved picking popcorn kernels off the floor to eat and then they settled on the sofa to watch the movie, each with their own bowl of popcorn. Mark and I got quite a kick out of watching Cars 2. Sam is in love with Francesco Bernoulli and Jonah with Lightening McQueen, and Mark and I loved the humor. So we all enjoyed our special evening.

111210 Day 32 Cape Cod, USA– H&J Dressed for the Highfield Hall Ball