Day 286, Year 7: Doing Something Right
Date: Monday, August 20, 2012
Weather: Mostly Sunny Day
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

It’s a good feeling to think you might have done something right in your
life, and today I felt that way. When I checked our daughter-in-law Jo’s
Facebook page she mentioned that her ‘brilliant’ husband (our ‘brilliant’
son) was going to be speaking at a TEDx conference in Santa Fe in November.
I followed the links to see what TEDx is and what he would be speaking
about. TEDx is an organization dedicated to Ideas Worth Spreading “through
riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.” Justin will be
speaking at Santa Fe’s first live TEDx conference on November 3 at the Santa
Fe University of Art and Design. Go, Justin. He will be talking about the
impact of the global economy on our ecosystem and why globalization isn’t
going to see the century out. The description of his presentation went on
to talk about the fact that as the resources of our planet are consumed by
an overpopulated earth, learning to use our local resources is what will
create a sustainable future. Our daughter Heather believes the same. She
is also passionate about buying locally and growing your own food and
preserving it for the times when it is not available. So both of our
children have gone loco about local, and Mark and I are very proud of them
for taking this stand. It makes us feel proud that we might have done
something right in the way we reared our kids. They seem to have
deeply-seated values supporting the longevity of the planet, and we can only
hope that we had something to do with those values. We know it is more
expensive to buy local, organically grown food, but we know it is good for
the soul. We firmly believe that the organically grown food from the Farm
Institute on Martha’s Vineyard is what kept Mark so healthy during his chemo
treatments. We have slacked off a bit and his blood tests are showing it.
So we’re going back to our ‘locally grown’ organic diet and paying the
higher prices as we feel we have proof that it really makes a difference.

This past weekend, Silvermouse–Justin, Jo, Ziggy, and Coco–played at the
Tribal Vision Festival in Taos. Justin wrote today, “The festival was
awesome – we played late, Ziggy pushed to stay up until the show, came
onstage, played his violin (he has a giant full size one he plays with –
it’s purple – a gift from a friend) for about 5 minutes, then laid his head
down on Jo’s lap and went to sleep. Coco slept the whole time.” The
performance was well-received and both Justin and Jo were so excited that it
was a whole family experience. They have ear protection for Coco and
evidently that worked and she slept through the whole thing. Jo wrote that
it was great to have both kids on stage with them.

After a fantastic four-day sail with Alan and Helaine, they left this
morning and we spent the day at Heather and Jed’s. Mark worked on the
computer and I worked in the garden. We are back aboard Windbird tonight
and settling into life as usual. We received some photos of our newest
grandchild from her maternal grandmother, and other photos we have copied
from Facebook. The ones from Facebook are not super quality photos, but
they show Coco. That’s the important thing.

120820 Day 286 New Mexico, USA–Coco and Ziggy Update