Day 275, Year 7: Food, Decks, and Patriotism
Date: Thursday, August 9, 2012
Weather: Mostly Sunny and Hot
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Today was a hot one, but I must correct something I stated in last night’s
log. I thought Mark had told me that July was the hottest on record for
Massachusetts, but what he had really said was that it was the hottest month
on record collectively for the entire country. I’m not sure if it was the
hottest on record for Massachusetts, but it was hot, and August is proving
to be more of the same. Today the heat index was in the 90’s here, so we
are enjoying a tropical Northeast August.

Thursday is the day for the Farmer’s Market during the summer, so I went to
Heather’s so we could go to the market together. She handles all three boys
by herself just fine, but I know it is always a help to have another person,
so we all went together. Jonah LOVES berries and he ate an entire pint of
beautiful red raspberries. He puts them on the ends of his fingers and then
eats one at a time. Heather and I polished off a pint of blackberries, and
Sam watched as fruit is not his thing these days. I wish he knew what he
was missing! Heather and I bought fresh produce and then we took the food
to the van and headed across the street to the playground for a lunch under
the shade trees and a little fun on the playground equipment. We went home
in time for naps and I spent the afternoon washing veggies and getting some
additional food from the garden processed to be frozen. And then on my way
back to Windbird, I stopped at the grocery store to buy even more food. So
basically, I spent my day dealing with food.

Mark stayed on the boat today and he dealt with the deck. There are a few
places where Heather and I did the caulking this spring that have tiny
pinhole leaks where the caulk did not completely adhere to the edges of the
seam. So Mark set about recaulking those areas. There is more to do, but
he got a great start.

And now to the patriotic issue. I heard a great report on NPR this evening.
A British reporter was talking about how the British have become overnight
patriots during the Olympics. Being very British, they were skeptical about
the games and were sure things would go pear-shaped. But they are now
relaxing and seeing that things are going quite well. And they are enjoying
that. So they are singing their national anthem and flying flags proudly.
Heather caught Jonah on video this afternoon singing our national anthem.
Both boys have enjoyed the Olympic games and have obviously paid close
attention to the award ceremonies. Attached is Jonah’s rendition of the
Star-Spangled Banner. So precious.