Day 269, Year 7:? Big Garden Harvest Day
Date:? Friday, August 3, 2012
Weather:? Mostly Sunny, Hot and Humid
Location:? Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

This log didn?t get sent on Friday because we ended up spending the night at
Heather and Jed?s and didn?t have a computer with us.? I spent the morning
on shore with Oliver while Heather did a two-hour pledge drive shift and
then I drove home with Heather when she left Woods Hole to pick up the Sam
and Jonah.? Mark stayed on Windbird to do some boat chores, make some phone
calls, and write emails.? Heather and I harvested green beans and kale from
the garden by the tons.? We canned the beans and blanched and froze the
kale, but the job took way longer than anticipated.? Mark brought Jed home
after work and we had dinner and then ending up spending the night because
it was almost midnight when the canning process finished.? Tomorrow we will
head back to Windbird and get ready for an overnight with Heather and gang.?
We are going to an anchorage not far from Woods Hole known as Tarpaulin
Cove.? We?re hoping to get a little relief from this heat out on the water.