Day 267, Year 7: Great Time in Boston
Date: Wednesday, August 1, 2012
Weather: Mostly Cloudy, Rain Late Afternoon and Evening
Location: Sue and John Reed’s Home, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Sometimes it is not so bad to be ‘stuck’ somewhere. We’ve had a great time
the past two days despite car troubles and a not quite squeaky clean report
from the oncologist. We’ve done lots of walking, watched lots of Olympic
competitions, eaten great food, and have just generally enjoyed our time.
We got an unexpected surprise late this afternoon when the Streetwise car
repair shop called to tell us the car is repaired and ready to go-in less
time than expected and for the price as quoted. We thought it would be late
tomorrow before we could get the car back, so now we will get the car early
and head home.

We spent five hours of our day walking and taking public transportation to
do some food shopping. It was more a challenge than we anticipated, thus
the five hour time frame. Not knowing the public transportation schedules
and routes was the challenge, but we made it. There are things that we just
can’t buy on the Cape that would could get here, so we walked to the T
station, took the subway to Central Square (one of the MANY squares in
Boston and Cambridge), and then walked a mile to Whole Foods. We ate lunch
there and then made the short walk to Trader Joe’s. That is where we were
doing most of the shopping. We left there laden with a full back pack and
three bags and walked to where we thought we could catch a bus back to
Porter Square which is a short walk from Sue and John’s. We waited, and
waited, and waited, and walked, and waited, and finally we got on a bus but
it took us only to Central Square where we had to do some more walking and
then wait and wait to catch the subway back to Porter Square. Something
that would have taken an hour or so by car took us almost five hours, but
still we really enjoyed the time. We got home and relaxed for a couple of
hours and then walked back down the hill to a Thai restaurant for dinner.
We spotted the restaurant yesterday and liked the choices and the prices so
decided to give it a try . . . and it was a great choice. I had Tom Yum
soup and Thai Shrimp and Basil Fried Rice. Mark had his Thai favorite, Pad
Thai, along with vegetable rolls, and all choices were very good. AND they
had Singha Thai beer, one of our favorite beers from around the world. Mark
hasn’t had any alcohol since January but I am sure he was tempted tonight.
But even without drinking the Singha, the Thai beer and food brought back a
flood of happy memories from our months in Thailand.

Tomorrow our little unintended vacation will be over and it is back to life
as usual-no TV, no long hot showers, no restaurants with affordable prices .
. . but we will back onboard Windbird enjoying time with our three beautiful
grandchildren and smelling the salt air that beckons. I can enjoy a little
vacation, but I choose life as usual any day of the week.