Day 261, Year 7: One of Those Days
Date: Thursday, July 26, 2012
Weather: Mostly Cloudy, Threatening Skies, No Rain
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

It was just one of those days. We headed to shore early as the visiting
nurse would arrive at Heather’s at 9:30 am to remove Mark’s pump . . . for
the last time! Amy has been his visiting nurse and when she left she said
she hoped she would never have to see Mark again. We all laughed, but it
was one of those times when you do hope you don’t have to meet in the same
circumstances ever again. After Amy left, Mark and I decided to stay and
help Heather with the boys, but that might have been a mistake. Sam had a
banner bad day and I wonder if he would have been the same if there hadn’t
been an ‘audience.’ But we did stay and Sam did have a bad day, and because
of that and because of all the work-related things she had to do, Heather
had a bad day, and because of that Oliver wasn’t quite his jolly little self
either. Mark was feeling terrible, so that left Jonah and I to try and make
it through the day with a smile. Actually, Oliver was smiling, but he went
from smiles to cries in no time flat. Everyone was just a bit fragile.

We are still struggling with the car issue. In fact, we got a call this
morning that the car wouldn’t be ready for pick-up today because the rack
was the wrong size and they had to wait for another one. What rack? Mark
didn’t ask and we decided to wait until tomorrow to inquire, but it sure
sounds like they are replacing more than a pump in the power steering
system. Mark was assured that there will be no additional charges, which is
a good thing. But I can’t believe that we weren’t called and told that
something other than a pump needed to be replaced. As frustrating as it is,
we’ll probably end up paying the bill and getting the car back if they ever
get it put back together in working order. But I think this will be the
last repair on that car. We will start planning now for a replacement.

Tomorrow is another baby sitting day as Heather has to work all afternoon,
but we’ll have the morning to check on the car and just relax. Normally
tomorrow would be Mark’s low day, but he has been low since the chemo
session on Tuesday. I guess we’ll find out just how low he can go.