Day 260, Year 7: Ford Taurus Blues
Date: Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Weather: Rain Overnight, Mostly Sunny Day
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

The Ford Taurus has been in for repairs to the power steering system since
late last week. Finally this afternoon we were told that it will be ready
to pick up tomorrow, but the price tag attached to the pick-up is
astronomical. We bought the car for $1200, so hearing a repair price of
$1800 threw us for a bit of a spin. We own the car with Heather and Jed as
we thought we would be heading south for the winter when we bought it last
June and that they could take possession when we left. But more than a year
later we are still here, so we now need to sort through what to do with
Heather and Jed. We can either pay the price and hope that there are no
other repairs needed in the next year, or we could just not pick it up and
spend the $1800 on another car. Decisions, decisions.

Mark is having a harder time with this last chemo treatment than in the
past. He usually feels great until they take the pump off three days after
the infusion, but this time he started feeling really rough immediately. He
is just thankful that this is the last time he will have go through this.
He feels awful, has a very low energy level, and is nauseous. It sure
doesn’t sound like fun to me! But hopefully by this time next week, he will
feel good again and will be able to build from there.

Heather had multiple appointments this morning, so we went in at 9:45 am to
pick up Oliver and bring him back to Windbird. Mark went in at noon to pick
Heather up and bring her out to Windbird to nurse the baby and then Heather
and I took Oliver back to shore for Jed to take care of while she went back
to work and I went into town to pick up Sam and Jonah. We continued to
juggle throughout the afternoon, with Sam and Jonah napping on Windbird and
Oliver going back and forth between Oma and Mommy. It was a good day, but
the frustrations of figuring out whether or not to keep the Taurus dampened
the spirits a bit.