Day 255, Year 7: Rainy Day
Date: Friday, July 20, 2012
Weather: Cool and Rainy
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

There was a 20 percent chance of rain today, so it rained 20 percent worth
of rain all day long. It was a little more than dibble dopps, but certainly
not a pouring rain. Just 20 percent worth. I’ve never been a lover of
overcast, rainy days, but we have had such a wonderful run of sunny weather
that a cloudy day didn’t seem so bad.

I took the Ford Taurus into town to the repair shop again this morning and
then hitched a ride back to Woods Hole with Jed as he headed into work. A
couple of hours later, Heather arrived in Woods Hole with Oliver and I went
to shore to hold the baby while she recorded promos for her Monday morning
program. When that job was completed, Heather and I took Oliver for a
stroll around Eel Pond. Heather and Oliver then went to the coffee shop to
wait until I drove into town to pick up Sam and Jonah. When we returned to
Woods Hole, we met Heather and Oliver at the dock and headed out to
Windbird. All three boys took an afternoon nap while Heather went back to
work. She was giving tours of the radio station as part of the Woods Hole
20th anniversary celebration for the Stellwagen Bank National Marine
Sanctuary. The Stellwagen Bank is located in Cape Cod Bay and is an area
where there is a steep drop-off from shallow waters to the deep. For that
reason it is an important fishing area and an area where whales love to
feed. And that makes it a major whale watching area.

While I watched kids sleep, Mark continued his boat work. Today he got the
new head installed in the aft bathroom and he traced and fixed the problem
with our alternator. We haven’t been able to charge our batteries using the
boat’s engine for the past week and we thought it was possibly an inverter
problem. Luckily it was just a loose connection to the alternator, so now
we can charge with the generator or by running the engine. Mark is feeling
good enough that he is going to go to work at West Marine tomorrow and if
that works out, he will also go in on Sunday. So I’ll probably head to
Heather and Jed’s and try to complete the gardening jobs I have been working

I am attaching a couple of photos of Oliver from today. He was wearing a onesie that we bought for Sam when we were in New Zealand. It has the All Blacks emblem on it–New Zealand’s rubgy team. Oliver is a big baby and we think he looks like a future rugby player.

120720 Day 255 Cape Cod, USA–Our Future Rugby Player