Day 244, Year 7: Back in Woods Hole
Date: Monday, July 9, 2012
Weather: Another Beautiful Day
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

We are home on Windbird after our whirlwind weekend. We had a fabulous
time. We were back in Falmouth by noon today, had lunch in town, and then
picked up Sam and Jonah and brought them to the boat. They were so excited
to get in the new kayak after nap, and somehow Mark and I got wrapped up in
the excitement and totally forgot about his 3:30 pm appointment with the
oncologist. Dr. Crook was very forgiving and is going to see Mark tomorrow
morning when he goes in for his treatment. All is well that ends well, but
we both couldn’t believe we forgot. Actually, I fell asleep with Jonah and
Sam and Mark took a little nap and then got up and started pumping up the
inflatable dinghy. I guess we are creatures of habit. We are used to
having this appointment on Fridays, but we’ll have to make sure this doesn’t
happen again.

Mark loves the kayak and had great fun going out with Sam and then with
Jonah. Both boys were able to climb down the ladder from Windbird and get
in the kayak seat with no help. And both of them helped to paddle. Mark
was amazed by the way Sam could paddle in sync with him and amazed that
Jonah was able to paddle at all. He’s so tiny compared to the length of
those paddles, but he went right to it. Heather was on the boat with Oliver
when we arrived with Sam and Jonah and she stayed through the afternoon
holding Oliver while working on her computer. I tried three times and
Oliver would have nothing to do with me this afternoon. I guess that’s what
I get for going away for a few days! I’ll try again tomorrow and hope he’ll
let me take him. I miss his cuddles.

At the end of the afternoon, Heather and Jed took us out to dinner at one of
the restaurants on shore. Sam and Jonah chose Phusion rather than Captain
Kidd and we all enjoyed our meals. I had lobster, AGAIN, Mark and Jed had
red snapper, and Heather had a fresh water shrimp and scallop dish. The
staff brought a chocolate dessert and sang Happy Birthday to Mark, so it was
the perfect ending to our birthday weekend. Thank you, Heather and Jed.
And now it’s time to settle down and get back to normal. But first we want
to send out a great big THANK YOU to my sister-in-law Sue and her husband
Brad, to Alan and Helaine Kanegsberg, to Detta, Tom, Sue, David, Leslie,
Rich, Roger, and Carol, and to all the friends and family who called and
sent emails making Mark’s 70th birthday a special time for him. It couldn’t
have been a more perfect weekend. Thank you, thank you.

120709 Day 244 Cape Cod, USA–Kayaking and Dinner on Eel Pond