Day 235, Year 7: Jonah’s Birthday Celebration
Date: Saturday, June 30, 2012
Weather: Mostly Sunny Day, Warm
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Jonah’s birthday celebration started in the morning when he opened the front
door and saw his shiny, blue push bike sitting on the front walk. Sam got a
new bike for his big brother present, so both boys were elated. Sam is
growing so fast that he has totally outgrown his little bicycle, so it was
time for a new one. Jonah is not quite ready to ride on a bike with
training wheels, so the little push bike was perfect for him. Then came the
grandparent presents. Our gift to him was a little Craftsman tool workshop
and his main present from his other presents was a lacrosse stick. He has
been borrowing Sam’s and he was sooooooo excited to finally have his very
own. We bought the wooden, not the plastic workshop. It is not quite as
fancy, but is quite substantial and will give him years of enjoyment. He
immediately built a chain saw, put on the safety glasses we gave him, and
went out to clean more limbs off trees. Daddy has been doing this and Jonah
has obviously been watching as he knew just what to do. While doing that,
Uncle Justin, Auntie Jo, and Ziggy called to wish him a happy birthday. And
then right after naps, friends arrived for the party. There were no more
gifts as Heather and Jed had asked friends to donate to the local elementary
school playground fund. Another friend who had a birthday last week did the
same. What a good idea.

We got back to the boat after 9 pm and we were both in bed by 10 pm. I am
writing this log on Sunday morning as I was just too tired last night.
These all day birthdays can wear you out! Mark made it through the day just
fine. He was tired and spent a lot of time napping, but he did have the
energy to come outside and join us for a great deal of the party. He held
Oliver during that time and loved it. Oliver is a wonderful reminder of why
Mark is going through this awful chemo in the hopes of assuring that cancer
doesn’t return.

We have no agenda for today. We’ll just see how the day plays out.

120630 Day 235 Cape Cod, USA–Jonah's Birthday Celebration