Day 232, Year 7: Back on Windbird
Date: Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Weather: Mostly Sunny
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

It feels like we have been away from our home on Windbird for a very long
time. It was over a month ago that we moved to Heather and Jed’s while
Windbird was out of the water. We did stay onboard a couple of nights
after we got back from the trip to West Virginia, but then Jed went to Italy
and we moved back in with Heather to help her during his absence. Jed got
home tonight and his parents are coming to visit tomorrow, so we moved out
to make room for the other grandparents. We love staying with the grandkids
and are going to miss being there with them all the time, but there is no
place like home. It was after sundown when we got to Woods Hole tonight.
We got in the dinghy and headed out to Windbird and I immediately got that
feeling that keeps us living aboard. It was a warm evening and the
twinkling of the shore lights on the pond made it look magical. Mark and I
both have the same attraction to the water and it seems we can never get
enough of it.

120627 Day 232 Cape Cod, USA–Sleepy Heads and a Bumbo