Day 231, Year 7: Happy Third Birthday to Jonah
Date: Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Weather: Mixed Sun and Clouds with Threatening Thunder Late Day
Location: At Heather and Jed’s in E Falmouth, MA

Three years ago we came home from Malaysia for Jonah’s birth. We were here
until he was three months old and now he is three years old. My, how the
time flies. Today was Jonah’s day, but his official celebration will take
place at his party on Saturday. Today he received a ukulele from mommy and
daddy and a new big boy swing from Oma and Granddad. He requested and got
French toast with strawberries and bacon for breakfast, mac and cheese for
lunch, and salmon cakes with corn on the cob for dinner. He wanted an
orange cake with sprinkles in it in the shape of a castle, and that he got
as well. Jonah was truly king for a day.

120626 Day 231 Cape Cod, USA–Happy Birthday, Jonah