Day 229, Year 7: The Supporting Role
Date: Sunday, June 24, 2012
Weather: Mostly Sunny and Warm
Location: At Heather and Jed’s in E Falmouth, MA

Today was a bit of a day of rest for Mark and I, but unfortunately, not for
Heather. We did all slow the activity level a bit to allow Heather to have
the time in the afternoon to prep for her show tomorrow morning. Mark and I
have been trying to play the supporting role, in Jed’s absence, to allow
Heather to get the necessary work done. That role mostly consists of
watching the boys, and since that is what we love to do, it is no chore. We
started our day at 7 am which is the norm here. Mark usually stays in bed
until 8:30 or 9 am, but I’m not sure how much sleep he gets as we tend to be
a bit loud in the morning. This morning the neighbors next door were
setting up for a yard sale, so Heather, Sam, and Jonah headed there. The
neighbors have grandchildren and some of their toys were for sale. Jonah
fell in love with Fisher-Price cash register with a scanner and Sam fell in
love with a pirate ship. They both came home to the nickels they have been
earning for following the house rules and helping out with chores in order
to pay for their treasures. I think each item cost a dollar and both were
in great shape. So they really got a good deal. They played with the new
toys and somehow it was almost noon before anyone went outside to play. It
really was a laid back morning.

After lunch, it was time for naps. I know Heather could have used a nap as
she has been dealing with the overnight issues of three little boys all
alone, but she had to work this afternoon. And after she finished the prep
for tomorrow’s show, she had to deal with preparations for Jonah’s birthday
coming up on Tuesday. So there was not rest for her, but I got to hold
Oliver and I got the nap. Mark was supposed to work at West Marine today,
but he just was not up to it. But he did spend a great deal of the morning
and later afternoon holding and playing with Oliver. We had zucchinoes
(zucchini canoes) for dinner and the boys got to talk to their daddy via
Skype while eating. We scooped out the first zucchinis from the garden and
filled them with rice, cheese, and the scooped out zucchini, and then topped
them with meatballs that we pretended were people rowing. So, of course, we
also had to have paddles. The paddles would have been carrot sticks, but
unfortunately we are out of carrots. So I just chopped up a couple of
wooden skewers and we used those.

Tomorrow is chemo morning for Mark, work morning for Heather, and the first
day of summer camp for Sam and Jonah. Oliver and I will stay home and just
chill out together. Hopefully everyone will nap in the afternoon and then
Mark and I will take Sam and Jonah to the boat while we spent an hour or so
charging the batteries. We still don’t have the blades on the wind
generator, so it would be great if we could get that done as well. We’ll
return here to Heather’s for a pizza dinner. Tuesday will be all about
Jonah’s birthday and Wednesday we will return to Windbird as Jed will be
coming home from Italy and his parents will be arriving for a few days to
help celebrate Jonah’s birthday. The party with friends will be on
Saturday, so Grammy and Poppa will be here for that. Mark has been
compiling quite a list of boat jobs that need to be, so we’ll focus our
attention of that for the next few weeks.