Day 221, Year 7: Having Fun in West Virginia
Date: Saturday, June 16, 2012
Weather: Mostly Sunny Day
Location: Mardi Gras Casino Resort, Cross Lanes, West Virginia

Today was all about having fun. My nephew Rex’s friend from childhood, Brad
Spurlock, and his wife Renee, threw a party for Rex and Diana and invited
everyone who came to the wedding. Brad and Renee live on the river and have
a phenomenal location for parties. They have a huge yard and steps leading
down to a dock and their own private beach. There were kayaks, canoes, and
floats for those who wanted to be in the water, and music and great food for
those who wanted to hang out on land. In addition to the afternoon party,
my sister and I, plus two of my nieces, did another history tour. This time
we explored the town where my sister and I grew up. Actually my sister is
about fifteen older than myself and lived in the southern part of the
state until the mid-1940’s, but then spent her junior and senior high school
years here. There’s more I’d like to share, but it is late and we are
leaving VERY early in the morning. So more tomorrow.