Day 220, Year 7: Congratulations to Rex and Diana
Date: Friday, June 15, 2012
Weather: Mostly Sunny Day
Location: Mardi Gras Casino Resort, Cross Lanes, West Virginia

My nephew Rex married Diana Sayre this evening. Rex and Diana are both in
their fifties, but this was Diana’s first marriage. She was a beautiful
bride and everyone seemed so genuinely happy for them. After the ceremony
we walked to a restaurant on the river and enjoyed a lovely reception. Then
it was back here to the Mardi Gras Casino Resort where family and friends
are staying. Tomorrow the wedding fun continues with an afternoon party at
the home of friend. We leave very early on Sunday morning and Rex and Diana
fly to the Galapagos for their honeymoon. When we met Diana’s mother
tonight, the first thing she said is, “So you’re the ones.” She was
referring to the fact that it was Mark and I that encouraged them to go to
the Galapagos. We can only hope that they enjoy their time there as much as
we did.

120615 Day 220 West Virginia, USA–Rex and Diana's Wedding