Day 218, Year 7: That Kind of Day
Date: Wednesday, June 13, 2012
Weather: Rainy All Day
Location: At Candi and Char Todd’s Home, Billerica, MA

It was THAT kind of day, and even though it wasn’t Friday, I’m going to
blame the date (the 13th) for the craziness. It was cool and rainy, verging
on miserable when you had to out in the weather. All three kids were just a
little, well, maybe a lot, off today. Mark had his infusion pump removed
and immediately crashed. And both Heather and I had way too much to do.
The good news is that we made it through the day. Mark and I are now just
outside of Boston where we are spending the night at my niece’s home. Early
tomorrow morning we will start the drive to West Virginia. It’s about 775
miles. We plan to make it most of the way tomorrow, spend the night a
couple of hours north of our final destination, and then arrive in
Charleston by late morning on Friday. My nephew’s wedding is Friday night,
so we’ll have a bit of time in the afternoon to visit with family. It is a
long drive, but we are looking forward to the visit. My niece and I will do
the driving while Mark sleeps in the backseat. This is one way to keep him
from doing too much and the rest should do him good. So off we go.