Day 212, Year 7: Super Grandkids
Date: Thursday, June 7, 2012
Weather: Partly Sunny Day with Heavy Evening Rain
Location: At Heather and Jed’s in E Falmouth, MA

Heather and Jed left early this morning with Oliver to go to a science
conference in Rhode Island. Heather was one of the keynote speakers and
took part in a panel discussion while Jed took care of Oliver. Then when
Jed presented a couple of posters, Heather was with Oliver. They stayed the
entire day and even attended the evening dinner and Oliver was super for the
entire day. Mark and I had Sam and Jonah all day and evening and they were
super as well. So at the end of a very long day I can proudly announce that
we have super grandkids. And how many two month-olds attend science
conferences and stay in a good mood the entire time? In fact, I think he
slept most of the day and evening. Heather and Jed got home about 10:30 pm
and Oliver was still asleep. But when he woke up I got the distinct feeling
that he is up for a while. He did this last night as well, and was up every
hour during the night. I think the trip to New Mexico has his days and
nights turned around. Heather and Jed might not get a lot of sleep again
tonight, but hopefully he will slowly get his timing readjusted. He is such
a smiley, happy little guy, but a smiling baby at 3 am is just not what you

My other big task today was making another batch of chicken mineral broth.
More and more Mark’s favorite food is soup. I have never been one to make
soups, but I am learning. And I want to make sure that the soup stock is as
nutritious as possible. So I spend a great deal of time making these huge
pots of stock and either canning or freezing them for future use.

Tomorrow is a West Marine work day for Mark and a Windbird work day for me.
Mark starts his day with an appointment with his oncologist and then on to
work. Windbird is ready to go back in the water, but before she does, I
need to polish the waterline with AwlCare. I did the whole boat, but there
was a strip of masking tape at the waterline. Now that the bottom has been
painted, the tape is removed, and I can do the final cleaning and polishing.
The dinghy has been in for repairs and was returned for the second time to
today. The first time it was returned, it still leaked, but now we think it
is fine. Now I need to paint the bottom of it with anti-fouling paint to
keep the growth off. So those are my tasks for tomorrow.